#TheTitansExp #BuzzZinOFF Titans of Industry Moderator Ed Gordon (Emmy Award-Winning Journalist), Panelist William F. Pickard Ph.D (Chairman & CEO, Global Automotive Alliance, LLC, Ingrid L. Morris (Business Financial Strategist/Corpreneur/Speaker-Xerox Corporation), Zeb McLaurin (Owner-McLaurin Development Parnters), Shari Runner (President & CEO-Chicago Urban League) and Maurice Kuykendaoll (Vice President, Financial Reporting-Prudential) was truly a wealth of wisdom…..

The Best Gift

The best gift you can give someone who is toxic is the delete button…Lutonya M Lang

Using Your Keys: Time To Unlock

“You can have a lot of keys on your key ring. You can walk to a door and none of the keys will work. Spiritually we have to know that PRAYER is the key and FAITH will unlock any door.” LutonyaMLang.com #TIMETOUNLOCK

Lack of Discipline

“You can have talent all day.. But no discipline you will end up right back where you started.” Lutonya