My Choice

What other people think of me is their choice What I think about myself is my choice… Unapologetically ME…BEECause #iloveHER#tbt steppin out #Chapter38

Dear King

Dear King, A real woman pay close attention to your actions… she observes the type of company you keep and the women you entertain or invest your time in… Are you giving yourself to just any woman… How you take care of yourself & the people you say you love… Remember If you are ready…

Growth Is Painful

Growth is painful… Change is painful…But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong… LET GO & MOVE ON.. GREATER IS WAITING ON YOU… UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME… BEECause #iloveHER

Why Settle?

Why Settle when you can have everything you ever wanted and desired… As I continue to go on this journey back to me. I realized that I have settled for people, places and things because I didn’t think I was worthy to receive the very best God has to offer. Learning more and more as…

It’s Been A Minute

Man it has been a minute… I know I know… It has been a emotional ride… I decided to start writing a journal so that I can share my true feelings without judgement. I wanted to do a counselor but the time I tried it didn’t go over so well. She was on the phone…