Dear Future Hubby

So, for almost a year now I have been on this journey to prepare for my husband… boy oh boy he just don’t know how much he means to me already. I decided to blog some of my thoughts to him… I was thinking of giving it to him as a wedding gift on our special day. I have been actively preparing for him for over a year now.

I didn’t know how much I needed God to fix until I started this journey. So on my facebook page for some reason that had been my outlet and I would write things to him.

Like: Dear Future Hubby:

I would have my picture on there and that is it.. or I would say something profound…

Like: Dear Future Hubby:
To the Man I Love..YOUR LOVE FOR ME IS UNMATCHED… I never thought I’D be blessed with a man with such strength and feeling, a man with integrity and goodness in his heart…The more I know, the DEEPER I APPRECIATE & CHERISH THE MAN YOU ARE..Things are not always perfect but living this life with you is truly an adventure…I am my best self when I am with you because of the unconditional love you give me.. The way you look at me-how you listen to understand me-you learn about my pass so you can love me with intention- you have shown me that love is an action word… You are so genuine -there is absolutely no treasure on earth that can equal to what you are worth…With you I have found the perfect partner-best friend-the sweetest love I have ever known..I am so grateful life led us to one another…Life just don’t make no sense unless I am doing it with you… Cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.. Happy Sweetest Day MY HONEY —…💋🍯🐝💞🔐

I have been on the fence about just blogging here. I really wanted to give him something he could hold on to and have for safe keeps. But most of the feelings I have shared have been on digital media. So I think I am going to place them here and go from there. (okay YES THIS WILL BE RANDOM THOUGHTS) It has been so much happening. I really was trying to decided if I even wanted to keep doing this… That is blogging and media..Just everything to be honest. I put down the site for a minute and the other sites just to get myself in order. When I decided to start preparing for my husband I didn’t know everything in my life would be rearranged. So much out of order. In preparing for him it has truly caused me to really focus on my needs. I have always put others before me and now I am working on putting myself first. It has been interesting for sure. I had to consistently redirect myself. To be honest I am still working on that. But I was thinking I have made so many mistakes in my life that my next journey I really wanted to be ready and prepared. Seriously I don’t think you are ever ready but being spiritually sound -emotionally equip- mentally stable is important. I have so much more to say. But I feel that sleepy spirit coming. But I will leave on this note —the most important things in life is not where you live or how much money you have.. The most important things to consider is who you marry and who you have your kids by… These things are most important. Houses and land you can get back.. Money you loose but you can get it back … Who you decide to build your life with and have children by will last with you for a lifetime and more.. That is the legacy. The process I tell you isn’t easy. I have left certain groups and fan pages. Things that will hinder me from staying focus on my spiritual – mental- emotional-physical- financial growth…

Alright I am not going back to read this so hopefully you follow me and understand… Remember Today is going to surrender to you every God thing God has for you… You lack nothing you have only abundance… #iloveLuLu

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