#BuzzZinOFF sometimes later will become NEVER … don’t allow that to be your story… START NOW..

How many times do you take out the TRASH?

How many times do you take out the garbage in a week? But we keep holding on to these toxic relationships…Don’t allow the trash to overflow and take over your house… It’s time to take out the TRASH… I want peace spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially…. #TRASHOUT#HAPPYMONDAY Lutonya


If it’s not positive, hopeful, productive and faith-filled, then don’t dwell on it. Joel Osteen #stayWOKE

#iamGrateful 30 day Challenge: Day 28 Friendship

#iamGrateful Day 28 of the 30 day Challenge ..#friendsday ..if you have the pleasure of gaining at least one friend in your life time you are gained more than most..what are you grateful for? Comment below… #BUZZZINOFFNATION  

#iamGrateful 30 day Challenge: Day 17 He Intercede

#iamGrateful Day 17 of the 30 Day Challenge…He Intercede…… What are you grateful for? Comment below Buzzzinoff with Lutonya TV Show go with us on our next trip.. taking the show on the road Click Travel Adventures CANNOT WAIT TO TAKE A VACATION WITH YOU

Using Your Keys: Time To Unlock

“You can have a lot of keys on your key ring. You can walk to a door and none of the keys will work. Spiritually we have to know that PRAYER is the key and FAITH will unlock any door.” #TIMETOUNLOCK