miraculous miracles, signs and wonders

Lutonya, God’s miraculous miracles, signs and wonders are getting ready to take over your life… KEEP GOING… DON’T STOP… DON’T THROW IN THE TOWEL… GOD GOT YOUR BACK!!!! #EncourageYourself

some plant some water but

Lutonya, some plant some water but God gives the increase…. I see you digging and planting seeds… Keep digging the harvest is here… #EncourageYourself #BuzzZinOFFAwards 9.9.17

Dear Mom

#FamilyFirst Today I Celebrate my Mother Dr. Vada Lang…. When I was a little girl I remember her telling me I wanted you. I wanted all my kids. You should never feel like you are not wanted and loved. I can say I have never felt like that because of her consistent love and support. Oh boy…

One Connection Away

Make a lasting connection with someone today.. decide to get off the phone and actually connect… Building lasting relationships. .you will be surprised what you need is one connection away Lutonya

Unrealistic Expectations

Let go of your unrealistic expectations and you will be amazingly surprised by what happens next Buzzzinoff with Lutonya TV Show

Closer Then I’ve Ever Been

I WON’T GIVE UP… I WON’T GIVE IN BECAUSE I AM CLOSER THEN I’VE EVER BEEN BEFORE… Most time we give up before we get to the finish line… Stay on course… It is not how fast some else get there. It is not how people view you. You have to run your race and…

Late Night Conversations: Fake Stuff

Late Night Conversation: do you think getting all this fake stuff will attract the man you want… or do you think a man is really looking for a woman who is comfortable with herself…

the yellow bus

On the yellow bus with these kids ALL 12 OF THEM LAWD HAMMMMMERCY WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! #COH #ChicagoSky I got motion sickness… with my girls HURRY CHECK OUT MY SNAPCHAT FOR MORE FUN MOMENTS Posted by Lutonya M Lang on Thursday, June 1, 2017