Achieve Happiness

Stop looking for happiness in the same place where you lost it.. Reminder: When looking to achieve Happiness it become hard to obtain when you are harboring hatred in your heart.. #LETITGO #iLoveLuLu

Happy Diggin

“Don’t allow people, places, things and the false promises get you sidetracked. You must have Tunnel vision… Dig through until you get to your land of plenty. It’s at the end of the tunnel ..” #HappyDigging #iloveLuLu

THANK YOU DAD For Always Being There

A Father is the foundation of his household… the strong support his family is built on.. Dad you are the man I trust completely with my heart, I respect and I love. My Mom, siblings and I are really blessed to have you Apostle Jeffrey Lang as a husband, father, granddad, friend, and confidante… you…