#iLoveLuLu Emergency Check-List

iLoveLuLu Emergency List:

Add on as you see fit

If you have to leave the house as soon as you come in take your clothes off- put them in the laundry area- then wash your hands

  1. Power pack or extra charger or battery cellphones & house (Batteries to remotes or other items)Make sure they are fully charged
  2. Light bulds & flash light
  3. Fill Car Gas Tank
  4. Wash all your dishes – clothes-covers
  5. Organize your pantry & check dates
  6. Deep clean your house
  7. Store all major non perishable items you need one central location( so you can get to it fast if need be-clothes – blankets- tissue-soap- etc..)
  8. Barbeque Grill – lighten fluid- charcoal
  9. Place your Medical card in your wallet or purse- make sure you have cash on hand)
  10. Notepad to write down needs

Grocery shopping

Buy all fresh meat (pre-season) -fruits-veggies and freeze

  1. Only get your basic needs
    (Don’t over buy)
  2. Check dates on all your grocery items
  3. Purchase items that will allow you to make more then one meal
  4. Don’t oversrock your freezer(keep vent clear- get ice & cooler)
  5. Water (if you are currently drinking water refill the old bottles with boiled water and store)
  6. Medical supplies (include cough meds- vitamins-pain medicine- Benadryl -bandages -gauze things like that- condoms- PLAN B)
  7. Selfcare & hair care products
  8. Aluminum Pans (to cookin just in case the lights go out you can use the grill)

Just a start add on as you see fit:
Keep a positive attitude.. Everything is going to bee alright.. bee good to yourself..

Sending all my love and prayers to you😍😘😘

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