LuLu Lang, a Chicago native is the founder and creative mind behind IndustryBuzzZ.com Media Network, iLoveLuLu Show and the Inspire Our Youth Media Program. Determined that, “with God all things are possible” LuLu’s dream was birthed in 2008 to start her own online media network. She has become a necessity as well as the one stop oasis for business visionaries who need support in establishing social media awareness through innovative strategies. She promotes for faith-based organizations, entertainment professionals, corporate and small business organizations throughout Chicago and abroad.

LuLu Lang has established a platform that speaks to the hearts of its supporters while “Bringing Integrity Back To Media” through her Inspire Our Youth Media Program, Online Show (BuzzZin OFF with Lutonya), www.iLoveLuLuLang.com (PeekIntoMyLife BLOG) and www.IndustryBuzzZ.com Media Network.

LuLu Lang is known as a true supporter of the youth and entrepreneurs. She has become the resource to establish visionaries and connect them to the right network to expand their brand. Her network is insightful, informative and spreads a wealth of entertainment news to over 7 million online supporters. LuLu, believes “When the positive things are maximized the negative things will minimize”.

As a mother, business woman and active leader in the community, LuLu is a woman who has learned that through every obstacle she has or may encounter there is a fight in her to “CONTINUE TO PRESS.” She has experienced some difficult times and challenges in her life yet these difficulties have not stopped her from trusting God. Although raised in the church, it was not until 2004 that LuLu really began to establish a personal and more intimate relationship with God. This relationship has been the backbone of her businesses; she has learned if you are faithful to God He will in turn be faithful to you.

“Vision and passion is given by God so I honor Him by using my gifts for His glory.” LuLu is a firm believer that everyone has a vision; it’s up to us to decide what to do with it.

Updated: October 2019