What They Say

Felice K.
Cable Coordinator for the Village of Hazel Crest Public Access, Lutonya M. worked with Felice in the same group
I met Lutonya last year filming for an event with my job. She asked me to work behind the scenes of her organization’s BuzzZinoff Awards, which honors local heroes in the community. Shortly after, she invited me to be apart of her team, and since then we’ve grown as artists, and most importantly working partners. I admire Lutonya in various aspects. She is extremely professional, and is the most dedicated person I’ve ever met. She strives for excellence and goes above and beyond to give back to her community. I learn a lot from producing her web show. She has taught me how to become a better producer, videographer, and engineer. She has truly PREPPED me for this industry in ways that she will never know. Lutonya has grown to be more than just a partner, but apart of my family. She truly was created to inspire.

Summer A.
Certified FMBE. Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Marketing Consultant and Small Business Marketing Speaker., Summer worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Lutonya is the ultimate promoter, she has an outstanding desire to see business owners succeed. Lutonya is kind and dedicated. I personally believe she is the hardest working woman in Chicago.

Aleisa Amos-Pony CPA, MBA
Manager, Advisory Services, Aleisa was a client of Lutonya M.’s
Promising Futures/Safe Haven is an not for profit organization. Lutonya was the host for our first annual fundraising event. In addition, she provided promotional assistance for the event. Her expertise and experience in hosting and promoting events was instrumental in our overall success. She was not only personable, professional and entertaining, our guest also loved her. I would strongly recommend her for public relations, and hosting organizational events.

Wanda Adams
Owner-Marketing Ministry, LLC, Lutonya M. worked with Wanda in the same group
Lutonya is a hard working young woman. She is extremely personable and I am honored to have worked with her.

V Ivana Foster, EdDc
Author|Speaker|Educator-Confidence Coaching: Life Balance&Relationships #IvanaTheConfidenceArchitect, V Ivana worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
A true supporter of Women in Business. It was a pleasure collaborating with Lutonya and Industry Buzzz EMagazine. I truly look forward to incorporating her talents, blessings, and products in The North Star Life Empowerment Program, Coaching for Success Driven Divas!From one Success Driven Diva to Another!Success!

Marlita White
Director, Office of Violence Prevention and Behavioral Health at Chicago Department of Public Health, Marlita worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Lutonya is a born promoter and planner. She places her client’s goals at the highest priority and taps into her full array of vehicles and relationships to achieve success with style and integrity.

Tia Dantzler
Celebrity Makeup Artist, Tia was a client of Lutonya M.’s
I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Lutonya at Industry Buzz on several occasions. Her expertise and contacts in the industry makes Lutonya a valuable asset to your marketing and promotion efforts. Lutonya’s passion coupled with admirable people skills, makes her a great asset to your business ventures. She’s both a mentor and a source of inspiration to all that encounter her. I can’t wait for our next project! Tia Dantzler

King David tha Vessel
Keynote Speaker, Songwriter, Author, Artist Development/Management, Worship Seminar Speaker, King David worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Lutonya M. Lang is a goal oriented, creatively driven and divinely inspired young woman who has an uncanny knack for materializing and maximizing resources and relationships to bring about a desired result in a short amount of time. She is heady and assertive, yet humble, and is knowledgeable in getting excellent effort from those she works and comes in contact with. She is a very well respected leader of today and tomorrow.

Zondra  Hughes
Social Entrepreneur, Digital Storyteller and Social Media Strategist
 Zondra worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Lutonya is a professional, detail-oriented publicist of the highest order.
She moves mountains for her clients.

Larry Engelhart
President at Deja Views News Services, Lutonya M. was a client of Larry’s
Lutonya is a high-energy person with great people skills, which is fortunate since she works with people who are using events to reach out to others. She is very organized, with great attention to detail and has a wonderful ability to stay calm during stressful situations, which enables those around her to keep calm(er), as well. If you have the opportunity to use her services we strongly recommend her. Lutonya’s the best!

Sharon Seward
Network Engineer, Sharon worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Lutonya is a detail-oriented CEO of her own Company. She is the very best and never loses sight of the srategic objective in her business. I have enjoyed working with Lutonya, and she is always a winner. It is always a pleasure doing busines with her. She is honest and truly a child of God.

Damainion L. Ewell
Author/Freelance Writer, Damainion worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Impeccable work ethic. A heart to promote people. A drive to strive for excellence. A will to succeed. These are just a few descriptions I could give when describing Lutonya. I know of few people who have the ability to streamline a passion to excel with an undying focus on glorifying the name of the LORD like she does. Lutonya’s grace and sheer brilliance will elevate her to levels not
seen by many.

Jelani Hill
Instructional Design Specialist at American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
Jelani was a client of Lutonya 
Lutonya is one of the most hard working people I know. She is steadfast in her approach and carries herself, (and her business) with such skill and professionalism that is uncanny to others. I would highly recommend Lutonya to anyone who are seeking her services!!

Arrerk Stewart
Finance, Engineering, Operations, and Change Management professional seeking new position.  Arrerk worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Lutonya is a very creative and ambitious person. I have always enjoyed conversations with her. She can provide thoughtful insight into the development of programs. Take it from me Lutonya is a rising star and is someone you can trust to get the job done right.

Dionne Williams
Owner, D. Williams Public Relations Group
Dionne worked with Lutonya M. but at different companies
Lutonya is a Public Relations professional that is very detailed oriented, assertive and results-driven. I highly recommend her because she is creative, no-nonsense and gets it done!

King David tha Vessel
Keynote Speaker, Songwriter, Author, Artist Development/Management, Worship Seminar Speaker, King David reported directly to Lutonya M.
As a freelance writer for Industry Buzz, JCMG’s online newsletter, I have had the privelege to work for and with an extraordinary visionary in LuTonya Lang. Heady and cutting egde, she is a force to be reckoned with in and outside of the Body of CHRIST.

Lee Woods
Marketing Brand Advisor at HALO Branded Solutions, Lee was a client of Lutonya M.’s
I recently linked with Lutonya and immediately could see the value in our connection. Lutonya has a very unique approach to marketing companies. She has been extremely responsive in her follow-up and has answered all of my business questions. I highly recommend Lutonya and believe her professional marketing skills could add value to any company.