Word of the day: Surrender

Today YES TODAY!!! Will surrender to me all my wants needs and desires… I will NOT LACK any good thing GOD has for ME… xoxoxo Know that you are appreciated and loved by me… Make it a great day… MORE TO COME’ Check out the private group and get a chance to see my latest…

I promise

Nothing like feeling alone even though you are surrounded by people…Choose to have a positive mindset… I promise everything is going to BEE OKAY!!!

My Choice

What other people think of me is their choice What I think about myself is my choice… Unapologetically ME…BEECause #iloveHER#tbt steppin out #Chapter38


Mute: When people make statements about you without knowing the full story. It’s not my job to enlighten.. I just go MUTE.. You don’t have to justify your decision.

#PeekIntoMyLife VBLOG Stopped in to surprise my Ma

#PeekIntoMyLife VBLOG Stopped in to surprise my Ma look at what she got me doing… smh MORE FUN MOMENTS IN PEEK INTO MY LIFE with Lutonya   #PeekIntoMyLife VBLOG Stopped in to surprise my Ma look at what she got me doing… smh MORE FUN MOMENTS IN PEEK INTO MY LIFE with Lutonya Posted by Lutonya M…

Personal Invite: My Birthday Celebration Saturday, September 9

Looking forward to seeing you off the internet and in the building COMMUNITY LEADERS ARE GATHERING Saturday, September 9, 2017 #BUZZZINOFFAwards CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS http://industrybuzzz.com/?page_id=382 Lutonya M Lang & IndustryBuzzZ.com Media 7th Annual Black And White Ball & BuzzZinOFF Awards (FORMAL ATTIRE) IndustryBuzzZ.com Media is “Created To Inspire” Event Host: Twon Cruz (Actor| Model| TV Personality) Kimberly Washington…


I swear someone need to get smacked in the face for offering student loans…. including all my financial aid counselors… #smh I could have three houses built from the ground up… #CussingFastAboutToEnd #WipeItOut the system Jesus … if you touch and agree TYPE #WIPEITOUT