Closer Then I’ve Ever Been

I WON’T GIVE UP… I WON’T GIVE IN BECAUSE I AM CLOSER THEN I’VE EVER BEEN BEFORE… Most time we give up before we get to the finish line… Stay on course… It is not how fast some else get there. It is not how people view you. You have to run your race and…

Junk Mail

Am I the only one that think Dating is like going through junk mail lol Posted by Lutonya M Lang on Saturday, May 27, 2017

Late Night Conversations: Fake Stuff

Late Night Conversation: do you think getting all this fake stuff will attract the man you want… or do you think a man is really looking for a woman who is comfortable with herself…

HIS Plan

OHHHHHH Boy, sometimes you are just trying to figure things out. What am I suppose to be doing in this very second. I am realizing more and more that I have to trust His Plan for my life. ¬†God will give you Grace when you are under pressure….. #trustHISplan Picture by Felice M. Kimbrew

Dinner Conversation

#DinnerConversation Are men more emotional then women now and days? Posted by Lutonya M Lang on Friday, April 21, 2017

See Beyond

I have no problem with saying I love you and I am sorry. Its nothing wrong with letting people know they are special and you are thinking about them…. I don’t have to get anything from you… that is the problem now a days people are always asking for something instead of letting people know…

It began in you

The change you want to see must first began in you… then the world will truly be changed. Buzzzinoff with Lutonya TV Show

it compounds

#BuzzZinOFF If your last relationship was bad and the one before that was as well. Review if they displayed the same qualities. If so it’s something in you that need attention… Stop and get into a relationship with yourself… jumping from one relationship to another doesn’t fix the issue it just compounds… #HappyWednesday

I really want to be like them

You look at people and think man i really want to be like them..they have it all together..then you start going through and you wonder why..well you just said you wanted to be like someone don’t know what they went through to get to where they are now.. i am sorry but i am…