It’s Been A Minute

Man it has been a minute… I know I know… It has been a emotional ride… I decided to start writing a journal so that I can share my true feelings without judgement. I wanted to do a counselor but the time I tried it didn’t go over so well. She was on the phone and everything. I made a decision to just start journaling to just get it out. Whatever works for you is what you should do. Me I began to really go on a journey to become healthy-healed-whole…

Things has happen to me and I don’t really talk. When I do I would like for the person in whom I share my feelings with not to share with others ..but we know how that goes.  So sharing random thoughts has been so helpful for me to get my feelings out. So I decided to share them here… I don’t know if you are reading or not… I just need to find a space to just share and be me… Unapologetically me that is!!! A knew chapter has started in my life… Chapter 38 a year of new beginnings …boy ooh boy has it been a year of new beginnings.

xoxoxo LuLu

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