THANK YOU DAD For Always Being There

A Father is the foundation of his household… the strong support his family is built on.. Dad you are the man I trust completely with my heart, I respect and I love. My Mom, siblings and I are really blessed to have you Apostle Jeffrey Lang as a husband, father, granddad, friend, and confidante… you Dad is always there as our support .. although you didn’t have an example you allowed God to teach you how to be there for us in ways this post can never express.

By no means did you say or claim to be perfect… but your imperfections made you perfect to us. Through good times and bad, you’ve always been there for us. You came in from a hard day at work and not once did you close the door on us. You did our hair you took us on dates and you taught my brother how to be a man.. your Yes to God has forever shaped our lives.

You’ve given us security of a strong family life that will always be remembered with pride, gratitude and love. We pray we will continue to build our families. No excuses … THANK YOU DAD For Always Being There.. HAPPY FATHERS DAY…. WITH LOVE


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